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How Do THEIR LAWS Really Work?

It is widely recognised that in any Document – the author can attach whatever meaning he/she wishes, to the words contained within said Document.

If you weren’t aware of this fact – then you are the perfect victim.

Right in Front of Your Eyes

Mark Twain said: 
“it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

What's in the Vaccine?

Informed Consent is the doctrine which states that they must explain the positives and the negatives
so that you can make an “Informed” decision about having any treatment.

How Do Loans and Credit Cards Really Work?

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How many times have you seen a magic trick on television and wondered how it was done?

Even though we know we’ve been tricked – we still applaud the efficiency and sleight-of-hand with which the trick was performed, and then we kick ourselves when we finally discover how it worked!

The best tricks are usually the simplest.

ENTER: banking and the creation of new money in the form of “loans” or “DEBT”.

Watch the video. We’re about to Free your Mind and lift the VEIL