RED-PILL-DAY is September 11th

RED-PILL-DAY is September 11th.
This year and EVERY year! 

The fun starts at 9am and will continue until 9pm, as we broadcast LIVE from the RED-PILL-DAY studios.

The Day will consist of education, and entertainment, cool music, lots of laughs, and legendary Freedom Fighters from within the Truth movement. 

It’s not to be missed. If you can’t take part – tune in. If you can’t tune – spread the word. If you can’t spread the word – donate.  Whatever you do – donate!  :Op

Our Program will Include:


Education and Enlightenment

Live Music


Guest Appearances throughout the day including:

Introduction ~ Hour #1 ~ (The Spaniard)

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TheSpaniard is founder of White Rabbit Education and the White Rabbit Trust, and is perhaps best known for his entertaining educational videos located on the White Rabbit Trust you tube channel in which he uses excerpts from Hollywood blockbusters, and the lyrics of popular music to get the point across! 

Spaniard is an ex-banker and began his career with Messrs. Coutts & Company, bankers to the then Queen Elizabeth, and the Royal Household. 

As an ex-Bank Manager, Spaniard has experience in debt recovery, and lending practices. He was also a qualified financial advisor, a Certified Mortgage Specialist and was General Manager of a mortgage broking firm called Sterling Direct Finance which later became London Scottish Broking, part of London Scottish Bank plc. 

Spaniard experienced his awakening in 2008 and ever since that time has been testing alternative law technologies. Simon tests technologies and presents lectures on the more successful processes available. Simon’s educational videos have received many millions of views. 

Hour #3 - James&Syd StudentsagainstTyranny

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Students Against Tyranny is a platform to connect like-minded students who may feel alone or isolated in their opinions and beliefs.

Students are at the sharp end of the all-out assault on independent thinking, and the drive to have people “identify” as something other than “man” (man being the species). 

When it comes to law – this is a crucial problem because g0d created man (the species) which comes in “male” and “female”. The Bible is the foundation of the law, and records the rights of man (the species). Identify as a cat and you just gave up the rights of man.

You can connect with James and Syd via their website: www.studentsagainsttyranny.com.

Hour #5 ~ Fi (ASITP) and Debbie Hicks

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Activist, healer, uplifter, freedom lover and peaceful warrior.

Fi founded “A Stand In The Park UK” in February 2021 during the height of the lockdown restrictions. Thousands of people have since found their tribes and united through meeting in over 800 parks throughout the whole of Britain. Fi is a proud member of Unite For Freedom and helped organise the million+ marches in London. You can find Fi’s videos on the ASITP social media: FB, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube & Odysee. The website is: astandinthepark.org

Debbie Hicks is the Founder of Keep-it-Cash.  Debbie has spent the past few years campaigning tirelessly and travelling the length and breadth of the country with one goal in mind: keeping physical cash. Obviously the Powers that BE wish to do away with cash because it is largely untraceable as a medium of exchange, and because it reveals some truths about the SYSTEM.

Hour #7 ~ Louise Creffield

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Louise is the founder of saveourrights.uk.

On 16th April 2020, Louise May Creffield was spending the day with her children in the woods and she felt a calling. A calling to make a real difference by utilising the skills and knowledge she had gained from working in the official political system.

Inspired by this calling, Louise took action to highlight infringed human rights and give voices to all.

From humble beginnings on Facebook, her organisation now boasts over 150,000 followers. Louise’s fearlessness led her to co-organise some of the largest rallies in recent decades uniting hundreds of thousands in raising their voices. She’s faced court battles and fines, but her unwavering dedication fuels her mission. With each endeavour, she brings us closer to the future she envisions – a future where human rights are protected, all children can grow up in a society filled with love and abundance and we have a real democracy.

Hour #9 ~ Gareth Icke

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Gareth Icke is a musician, author, actor and TV Presenter. Gareth Icke first came into the public spot light with his band ‘Kody’ who toured all over Europe and America. When the band split he released his first solo album ‘It Gets Worse At Night’ in 2009 and the single ‘Feels Like A Race’ was play listed by BBC Radio 1.

His second album ‘A Brand New Battle’ contains perhaps his best known song ‘Remember Who You Are’. It was released on Eromeda Records in 2012 and yielded three singles, ‘Remember Who You Are’, ‘What’s Love Without Meaning’ and ‘Beat Up’. He also wrote ‘How Not To Be A Rock Star’ a book based on his exploits on tour with Punk Rock band ‘Kody’

Gareth Icke also presents a music show called ‘The Banned’ on the TV Channel ‘The Peoples Voice’. More recently, Gareth hosts an alternative show called Ickonic on which he interviews Truthers from all backgrounds and academic disciplines.

Hour #2 ~ (Philly J Lay and David Bloch)

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Philly J Lay is a long-standing advocate for our health and that of our planet. After a near death experience and years of grief, resulting in a range of chronic illnesses, she discovered personalised natural medicine and the associated miracles of the body and power of the mind. In her first book, The Natural Wellness Journal in which Philly guides you through over 50 techniques that she used on her own self-healing path, including those she has chosen to train in, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and SOMA breathwork.  Philly is passionate in her belief that everything is connected and that when we learn to heal ourselves, it will help to heal this beautiful world connect at: Phillyjlay.com

Dave Bloch is an activist and educator, originally from New Zealand but now lives in Devon, UK.

Dave is part of a thriving active community and is an integral part of Totnes Live Now, a grass roots Private members association helping the community become educated and equipped for the bright future it has: https://www.totneslivenow.uk/

Hour #4 ~ Denis De Bernardy

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Beaming in from Mexico, with the cockerels crowing in the background, our amazing guest – Denis – explains how we can create something akin to paradise on the Earth. What you’ve been led to believe about the CO2 problem – may not be a problem after all.

Denis is the author of A Natural Language. His work exposes environmental big lies and puts solutions in front of the actual problems. When not fighting climate propaganda, he explains how to turn degraded modern landscapes into lush paradises of abundance.

A Natural Language:

Hour #6 ~ Mark Devlin

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Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. As a DJ he has played gigs in over 40 different countries.

In 2010, he underwent what he refers to as a conscious awakening, bringing a new awareness of what’s really going on in this world. 

In early 2016 he published his comprehensive book, ‘Musical Truth.’ Its follow-up, Volume 2, appeared in early 2018, with Volume 3 in late 2021. His allegorical novel, ‘The Cause & The Cure’ appeared in 2019, with its sequel, ‘The Gift & The Curse’ slated for publication in late 2023.

Mark has a unique insight about the music industry, the symbolism, the power it exerts over the population and the way in which it can be used to alter behaviours and consciousness.

Watch this interview and get Mark’s new book. This is not to be missed. 

Hour #8 ~ Laura Nina and Jamie

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Laura Nina describes herself as a Mad Sicilian investigative conspiracy theorist. Laura dissects conspiracy theories and interviews researchers about their work, views, and discoveries.

By her own admission, she’s getting on a bit now and could do with an MOT and body respray, but she’s pushing forward in the pursuit of truth, justice and the Sicilian way – just don’t argue with her or you’ll get whacked! lol

Laura woke up as a result of the COVID19 fairy tale and has been exposing the lies and factual inaccuracies ever since. 

Jamie is Founder of the Activists Toolbox which you can find here: https://activiststoolbox.com.  Jamie is a visionary with an unshakeable passion for playing his part in helping humanity transition to the place we are all aiming to be. The Toolbox contains everything you need to get started with a specialism in online security and anonymity.

Hour #10 ~ Travis Cook

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Travis Cook, a young man with a great deal of spirit, and spiritual knowledge. 

Travis, like most of you, experienced an awakening. He acted on that awakening by seeking to serve others. He was a key player in arranging the London Marches during COVID 19, and also Founded an online movement the Great Re-Opening. 

Having now hung up his activist boots he has thrown himself back into his favourite way to help humanity, helping them evolve spiritually. You can find out more about his work and how Travis can help you on your journey here: Traviscook.uk

Hour #11 ~ Robert Arthur Menard

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Anyone with more than ten years experience in the truth movement will recognise the name Robert Arthur Menard. Located “in” Canada, Rob will always be considered an absolute legend, and one of the founding fathers of the modern day movement.  Author and Founder of the World Freeman Society, Rob is also the maker of some classic educational films, including Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception.

Rob Menard’s charisma and presentation style have kept many an audience spell bound, and have inspired numerous other researchers to follow in his footsteps.

Rob always delivers and this interview was no different. Check out the new findings he reveals and place an order for his new book by mailing him your shipping details to: robertmenard63@gmail.com. Rob will then send you payment details. Cost 100 CAD (Canadian Dollars). Mention the words “RED PILL” and Rob will send you a bonus gift of pdfs.

Hour #11 ~ Piers Corbyn

Candidate Piers Corbyn (Let London Live) addresses hustings for the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election at Brunel University in Uxbridge on 13 July 2023 in London, United Kingdom. A by-election was triggered in Uxbridge and South Ruislip when former Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned in advance of a judgment from Parliament's Privileges Committee. (photo by Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Piers Richard Corbyn (born 10 March 1947) is a British weather forecaster, anti-vaccine activist, anti-lockdown activist, anti ULEZ activist, researcher and highly qualified scientist.  

Piers is never far from controversy and places himself at the front of the queue when it comes to speaking up about injustice and the slow progressive march toward ever increasing CORPORATE interference, oversight and control. 

Piers is currently debunking the need for ULEZs and the threat of CARBON emissions on Climate Change and the Weather. 

His brother, Jeremy Corbyn, was elected MP for Islington North in 1983, was re-elected in every following election as of 2023, and served as Leader of the Labour Party and hence Leader of the Opposition from 2015 to 2020.

Hour #12 ~ Simone Marshall

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Simone Marshall is the Creator and Founder of www.EmpowerthePeople.Earth, a private members association which supports its members and raises funds to support grass roots projects within the truth and freedom movements.

Simone was co-responsible for launching Event 202, and was instrumental in arranging the London Marches during the COVID-19 Lockdowns, with over 1 million freedom fighters attending. 

Simone uses her thorough knowledge of scripture to empower all people, and promote the creation of peace-loving lawful communities founded in equity (balance and fairness). 

You can connect with Simone by visiting the empowerthepeople.earth website.

Host ~ Mark Moxom


Co Founder; and Co Host of youandyourcash.com, Mark is an accomplished Consultant, Strategist, Professional dot joiner. Futurist. Multiple Best Selling Author, Publisher, Life time entrepreneur, Natural health strategist (40 years of being doctor free) and is the brains behind the highly effective Snack Box Diet.

Mark’s work across a diverse range of fields; from technology, natural health, retail, service and publishing and media marketing, has exposed him to much of what is going on at the forefront of industry and commerce.

He does not like to see people being walked-over by the businesses of poorly formulated statutes, in the hands of the powers-that-be, and he’ll uphold the rights of those that are [walked-over] wherever possible.

How to Wake Somebody up in Under 2 Minutes

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