Probably the Largest Celebration of the Truth-Movement on the Face of the Earth

We’ll use it as an opportunity to awaken our brothers and sisters & take on the Banks

Are you playing your part?

If not you, then Who? If not here, then Where? If not now, then When?

If you Cross the Film: "MATRIX" with Comedy, great Education and Amazing Guests you get:

RED PILL DAY is almost here ...

But what is RED PILL DAY?

FIRSTLY: RED PILL DAY is a celebration. 

On September 11th (aka 9/11) many associated with the Truth Movement have agreed to take part in a 12-hour NON-STOP live broadcast, featuring music, comedy, special guests, informative and educational information, updates, and reports from around the globe, to celebrate the Truth Movement and awaken the masses.

All Truthers are encouraged to get involved, be seen, and be heard, but more importantly, in the spirit of unity, to take action.

SECONDLY: RED PILL DAY is about communication.

You can use the Celebration as an Excuse to place some of the more important issues before the eyes of your PEERS with credible sources, facts and figures presented in a variety of formats.

THIRDLY: RED PILL DAY is about liberation.

We’re raising funds to force the Banks (legally) to alter their loan and mortgage advertisements in line with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000). The Banks do NOT loan money – they purchase securities (as explained by Professor Richard Werner).  In advertising this correctly, the masses will be educated in the way in which they have been deceived, and in turn create the transparency required for wholesale change to take effect and for the emancipation from the debt-slavery banking system.


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Imagine a WORLD much like the GAME of MONOPOLY: with no money ~ only empty promises and tokens; 

a WORLD in which “LAW” is written in CODE and those TRUSTED to ADMINISTER the LAW, are pirates

playing GAMES on COURT for THEIR benefit – not yours!


The MATRIX is the VEIL which has been pulled down over your eyes to blind you from the truth. And the truth is: you have been turned into a battery. CHARGING the SYSTEM with your energy. 

Our Vision

We are uniting people from all walks of life in the battle for control of planet earth. 

In the BLUE corner are those controlling BIG CORPORATIONS, the BANKS and CORPORATE OWNED GOVERNMENTS

In the red corner, stand the people, armed with nothing but words, will-power, humour and above all: truth!

We believe the planet has abundance and can support all life. We believe there is no need for poverty, or homelessness.

We believe that you were “set-up” to fail, by those who have corrupted the SYSTEM.

A war is raging. It’s a war for the hearts and minds of the people. If you have eyes that “see” and ears that “hear” – then play your part now, and on RED PILL DAY – and do it with a smile on your face!

“Death smiles at us all; all a 
man can do is smile back.” Maximus

When is Red Pill Day?


We cannot accept responsibility for the poor education delivered to you by the

There are two educations in this life. The one THEY give you and the one you give to yourself.

We cannot accept responsibility for the stomach crunching hilarity and truly amazing entertainment that you will witness on September 11th.

If you choose to sit back and do nothing – while CORPORATIONS ride rough-shot over your natural rights – we cannot accept responsibility for the difficulty that you will experience looking your children/grandchildren in the eyes, as they ask you:

“what did you do to save me from CORPORATE FINANCIAL ENSLAVEMENT?” 

and you reply: “I did nothing”

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Red Pill Day

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